"Don King's Final Round" St. Louis Riverfront Times

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March 2013: "Instead of battling for the title in the ring with his fists and wits — the way a boxing narrative is supposed to go — Coyne got knocked out with high-priced attorneys and threatening letters. Most bizarre, the person Coyne blames for the fiasco should have literally been in Coyne's corner: his promoter, the legendary Don King.

'This guy stole something from me,' Coyne seethes. 'I'm going to think about that for the rest of my life.'

Now Coyne finds himself going toe-to-toe with King in court, and he's finding the octogenarian boxing chieftain to be his most vexing opponent to date.

'It's sad to say,' says Moorer, Coyne's former trainer. 'But that's how boxing is with Don King involved.'"